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Missoula County CEDS Steering Committee

The Missoula Economic Partnership, Missoula County, the City of Missoula, and the University of Montana have brought together this group of experts and diverse stakeholders to identify the highest priorities among existing partners and community plans so that we can collaboratively accomplish our priority goals with, and in service to, our community over the next five years.

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Missoula County CEDS Steering Committee

  • Jim Bachand

    Missoula Organization of RealtorsI'm excited about community engagement towards addressing our ongoing needs of attainable housing, and build an advocacy team for the future success of reasonable and prudent economic growth for years to come across the five valley community.
  • D'Shane Barnett

    All Nations HealthI'm excited to participate in this planning process because any opportunity to be intentional in how we design opportunities and resources to support economic development is valuable.
  • Emily Brock

    Missoula CountyI rely on my dynamic energy to move projects forward and I am eager to bring this enthusiasm into the economic development sphere. Participating in this process is a fantastic way for me to hit the ground running in my new role as County Director of Economic and Land Development.
  • Ellen Buchanan

    Missoula Redevelopment AgencyMissoula is changing rapidly, as are other places that are desirable. We can influence and shape the growth that we are facing or we can let it shape us. I prefer the former and I believe that efforts like this will position this community to better respond to the future and make sure that all of our citizens have the opportunities that will allow them to continue to live here if they so choose. We have challenges and inequities, even in one of the best places I have lived, and now is the time to face them and make a difference.
  • John Corwin

    Downtown Missoula PartnershipI'm excited to help shape Missoula's future.
  • Andrea Davis

    HomewardMy hope is Missoula can achieve a healthy rate of economic prosperity for all; allowing people of all walks of life and incomes to enjoy opportunity while maintaining our high quality of life. In order to do this, we will need to evaluate our land use and building practices. I think we have an opportunity to demonstrate innovative approaches to residential and commercial building (and enterprise).
  • Grace Decker

    Zero to FiveI have loved being a part of this community through many different phases of life, and want to help ensure that Missoula continues to be a place where young people, artists, dreamers and visionaries can continue to grow our community, and where the good life is measured in how well we care for each other and for those who come after us.
  • Jamar Galbreath

    Missoula CountySustainable, economic strategies must be rooted in justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion and must engage and create space for and accountability to communities that have experienced systemic and/or structural barriers to economic prosperity. I envision a healthy Missoula economy that empowers all Missoulians to thrive. An inclusive economy that supports an increasingly diverse, richly talented workforce and the vibrant businesses and organizations in which they engage.
  • Paul Gladen

    Accelerate MontanaI'm excited to uncover new ways we can help Missoulians realize the full potential of their talents.
  • Susan Hay Patrick

    United Way of Missoula CountyI envision a Missoula where everyone has an equal opportunity to lead a healthy, fulfilling, and prosperous life, regardless of what neighborhood they live in or how much money they earn. I'm excited about the planning process because of the participation of very diverse stakeholders and their common dedication to develop an economic plan and strategy for Missoula that helps realize that vision.
  • Emily Herndon

    Plains Physical TherapyI'm excited to continue to grow a thriving and vibrant community that allows its members the ability to live a full and enriched life.
  • Karen Hughes

    Missoula County I'm excited to see the community engaged in setting economic development priorities. I'd love to see some of our recent plans implemented and get new ideas for additional efforts.
  • Montana James

    City of MissoulaThe direct connection between our community's vitality and housing is so clear. I am eager to support this CEDS process and work closely with Missoula's thought leaders in economic development to continue to problem solve around how we can ensure Missoula is accessible to a wide range of residents.
  • Mariah Lara

    MmassageI would like this community to provide opportunity for myself and my children to thrive. In the last 5 years I have seen it becoming harder for working class people to stay here. I'm worried that in order to achieve my financial goals I will have to move to ensure my families financial future. I would like to help turn this around. I think that achieving a middle class lifestyle should be an attainable goal for a small business owner in this community.
  • Melissa Matassa-Stone

    City of Missoula
    I feel so fortunate to have landed in Missoula; it's the place me and my family call home. I'm excited to serve on the CEDS steering committee to bring my gifts and experience to the planning process to see our community step up to the next level and open the same opportunity so others can feel this same sense of 'home' that I do.
  • Jason McMackin

    Burns St. BistroAt the very least, I hope the steering committee can provide the community at large with the information needed to understand the current state of the Missoula economy. With widespread understanding and acknowledgement of Missoula's economical pros and cons, my desire is that a more equitable future can be imagined and implemented with the help of local businesses, government, and the citizenry.
  • Gene Mostad

    Mostad ConstructionI'm always looking for ways to keep the price of housing affordable as possible for the Missoula community by looking ahead and communicating with the governing bodies to keep it as simple and efficient as possible for everyone. By listening and contributing to the process I hope to make progress in the development of housing and its future communities.
  • Barb Neilan

    Destination MissoulaI came to the University in 1971 and fell in love with the community. Access to the natural beauty that surrounds Missoula has always been a necessity for balance in my life. Nature is someplace I go to both relax and re-energize. The second reason I love Missoula - the people. The creativity, passion, engagement and sense of community shown by the residents of Missoula is extraordinary and it is on display daily throughout the community.
  • Tung Pham

    Credit KeyI believe Missoula has the opportunity to learn from other communities (the Bay Area, Seattle, Bozeman to name a few) that have seen rapid growth and create a plan to better manage that growth while preserving what is unique about our community. In particular, I think it’s important to articulate the values that the community claims to embrace and put in place policies that promote those norms.
  • Stacy Rogge

    Providence St. Patrick HospitalI hope to work collaboratively and identify achievable, sustainable solutions to keep Missoula the special place that it is—accessible, clean, safe, diverse and equitable.
  • Velda Shelby

    CSKT Economic DevelopmentI want to learn how to be a better neighbor and help my colleagues envision a better society. The goal to promote prosperity in Tuhulnana (Missoula) poses both a great challenge and a great opportunity to combine forces and strategies to make good things happen. I hope to contribute in some way to celebrate the diversity of this beautiful homeland.
  • Shane Stack

    Missoula CountyI am hopeful that Missoula can remain accessible financially to as many people that would like to live here. I live in Missoula because I thought it was the best community in Montana, and I would hate to see it evolve into a community where only a limited group have the financial ability to live here.
  • Rob Watson

    Missoula County Public SchoolsAs a life long educator working in public schools, I believe that the success of our schools is directly related to the partnerships that are built between the school district and the community. Conversely, successful schools help improve quality of life and can attract business to the community. I believe it is in the best interest of our students and families for MCPS to be involved in this economic development work.
  • Aaron Wilson

    City of MissoulaI grew up in Missoula, and so now as a community planner I get the privilege to work to make my home a place to be proud of. My hope is to create a City that is sustainable, both ecologically and socially. This means creating a transportation system that works for all people, at all ages and abilities. My background in ecology means I like to think of cities as complex ecosystems with many interrelated networks. I'm really excited to dive into all the ways we can apply our work to build a sustainable, equitable economic system.

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