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Access To Leaders

Missoula's small town culture means your elected officials will wave when they see you at the farmer's market.

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Missoula’s unparalleled access to leaders sets our community apart from other cities of similar demographics and size. Our local government leaders are active community members and are accessible to all. State government officials are also easy to access and we work closely with state-level offices to efficiently deliver services and resources to Missoula residents and businesses. Missoula County is the second most populated county in Montana, representing Bonner, Clinton, Condon, East Missoula, Evaro, Frenchtown, Greenough, Huson, Lolo, Missoula, Milltown, Orchard Homes, Piltzville, Swan, Seeley Lake and Turah.

Government Structures

Missoula County is governed by a Board of County Commissioners comprised of three elected officials who serve staggered six year terms. The County Commission has authority over all legislative, executive, and administrative issues throughout the county not specifically reserved by law or ordinance to other elected officials.

Those living within the City of Missoula are served by both the city and county, while county residents who live outside Missoula city limits are served solely by Missoula County: a city resident is represented by their local city councilperson, the mayor and the county commission, while a Missoula County resident, such as someone living in Lolo or Bonner, is represented solely by the commissioners. All county elected officials serve all city and county residents.

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