Missoula’s workforce is educated and trained.No matter whether they were born here, came to school here or came to ski and fish here and never left, Missoula’s population of working adults is highly educated, highly trained across many disciplines.

  • 41.4% of adult city residents have a bachelor’s degree (28.2% national average).
  • 19% of adult residents have a graduate or professional degree (10.4% national average).
  • Education index is 138, compared to 100 for the U.S.
  • 93.9% of adults age 25-plus have completed high school or above.
  • 50,000+ potential employees.
  • Total city population of 67,290 (2011), with a population growth of 9.4% since 2000.
  • Median age is 32.50 years.

Skilled professionals and trades people live here because here they can do good work and live a good life. Because of that reputation, skilled professionals around the country watch our local help-wanted ads every day because they want to move to this area for its quality of life. Our labor pool is, for most practical purposes, inexhaustible both in quality and quantity. Not many communities can say that. As a result, businesses get remarkable, experienced talent for affordable wages.

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