Gas & Electric

Utility rates in Missoula compare with the best anywhere. The Missoula area historically has had electricity and natural gas rates that are among the lowest in the nation. For comparative data, see the Rate Comparison Tool from NorthWestern Energy.


Water is provided by Missoula Water, the city-owned water utility. The City of Missoula took ownership of the water utility in June 2017. The Missoula Wastewater Treatment Facility utilizes physical, biological and chemical treatment methods to care for 6 million to 9 million gallons of wastewater each day. Click through for more treatment facility information.

Fiber Optic Network

Transportation of intellectual / data-based assets is achieved via high-speed intranet and Internet networks. The relatively uncongested northern east-west U.S. line of fiber optic cables runs through Missoula, which also enjoys nearby access to the north-south Cut Bank U.S. / Canadian fiber. Close access, low congestion and fewer hops mean that Missoula businesses — from back-office data centers to biomedical labs to writers of analytic code and software — enjoy the dependable Internet service needed for their success.

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