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Grunke column: Shared vision and individual effort will shape our economic future

Even if you don’t count yourself an expert in economic development, you’re probably aware of some of the greater success […]


Grunke column: Innovation Initiative Helps Startups Survive

New business can drive the growth that ends recessions. Those aren’t my words; they’re the words of the Montana Department […]

Economic development is happening now

July 2012: One year ago, a broad consortium of local business leaders launched the Missoula Economic Partnership with four clear goals: […]

Grunke column: Accelerating innovative growth

Hewlett-Packard started in a garage. Facebook in a dorm room. General Electric in a barn. Point is, innovative businesses almost […]


MonTEC open for Missoula entrepreneurs

Economic strategists want Missoula to keep its entrepreneurs, so they found both physical and virtual spaces for networking. The Missoula […]

Missoula’s Innovation Initiative: shortening the entrepreneurial curve

The distance between drawing board and groundbreaking product or service has never been short, nor has the line been straight. […]

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