An Overview

Missoula is your opportunity to Live Rich Quick™.

Missoula often appears on “livable city” lists. And with good reason. Here you can gaze out your window and see mountains. You can take your kids camping on the weekend. You can sip a local microbrew riverside. Missoula is a family-centric, outdoor-minded, river community with a major university, experienced workforce and an entrepreneurial energy you can feel. It adds up to a life so rich that calling Missoula merely “livable” is almost laughable.

That said, we know that moving or expanding your company into a new community is never easy. You have one chance to make the right decision. To make that judgment, you need insight into the local labor pool, access to government leaders, solid information on available real estate and existing infrastructure, data and more data. And you need it fast. At Missoula Economic Partnership we work to help you seize your moment of opportunity and make your Live Rich Quick scheme a reality.

Our professional and responsive staff knows where to find the resources you need in order to determine the right choice for you and your business. We can provide you with customized, detailed reports on anything from the prevailing wages of local pipefitters to sources of equity capital to local and state emissions regulations. We can also arrange everything you need for a site visit to Missoula, including face-to-face meetings with public and regulatory officials, area business leaders, financing specialists, real estate agents and others.


“I would trust the staff at Missoula Economic Partnership in a nanosecond to put visiting companies in front of the right people to get the answers they need.” – Jerry Szatan, founder & principal, Szatan & Associates, a Chicago-based site selection consultancy

Just ask Trapper Clark, president of ALCOM. In late 2012, his Maine-based trailer manufacturing company worked with Missoula Economic Partnership to establish a new operation in Bonner. “Thanks to the professional assistance of Missoula Economic Partnership and the can-do attitude of local officials throughout Missoula County, our decision was ultimately made easy,” Clark said. If you are considering Missoula, we already know you like the idea of growing your business in a thriving mountain community. We look forward to helping you realize your company’s near-term goals and long-term potential here.


While our Business Attraction Program is designed to cast a wide net, we specifically recruit businesses in industry sectors deemed “best-fit” for Missoula: life sciences, information technology, manufacturing, back office & creative services and forest products & renewables. Our focus on these sectors reflects extensive analysis of Missoula’s sector-specific assets including available labor, geographical location, infrastructure and other elements. Click through the links here to read more about how Missoula can serve businesses in these sectors.


With help from Missoula-based GCS Research, we offer a powerful GIS-enabled tool developed specifically for businesses looking to open, expand or relocate in Missoula. This one tool provides the data and insight you need to make sound decisions when choosing a community, zone, neighborhood and property for your business. Click here and start the process of finding your ideal location.


Western Montana is served by a wide range of governmental and private institutions that offer not only capital resources, but also a level of flexibility and individualized service that one rarely finds anywhere else. Missoula Economic Partnership can accelerate your company’s access to capital by acting as a central knowledge base and connecting you to the most appropriate organizations and programs. Click here to access a list of business resources in our area; or contact us at the information below to discuss your needs.


Oftentimes, our work consists of directing incoming businesses to one or more of our strategic partners in the community. These partner organizations offer a broad slate of programs that can help businesses train or build their workforce, enhance infrastructure and even connect with capital. Missoula Economic Partnership serves an important role as a master networker and knowledge base for these opportunities, helping companies focus quickly and efficiently on the programs that best fit their needs.


Missoula offers real estate opportunities, Missoula offers business growth opportunities. As a community, we know we need enhanced commercial and multifamily options in order to meet the needs of incoming and existing businesses that are poised for growth. And in both the private sector and the public government sector Missoula offers commercial developers the resources of professional expertise that are here, willing and able to help. And, significantly, as Mayor John Engen is quick to say, the technical experts on the city / county government side of any project are not only technically expert, they are approachable, reachable — from the administrative assistant to the Mayor, Missoulians in government answer the phone and help. The same thing can be said about Missoula’s local businesses and professionals who offer expertise from land use planning to blueprints to state-of-the-art energy systems.

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