Working with GCS Research, a Missoula-based leader in geographical information systems technology, we created a powerful GIS-enabled tool developed specifically for businesses looking to open, expand or relocate in Missoula County. This one tool provides the data and insight you need to make sound decisions when choosing a zone, neighborhood and property for your business.

  • SEARCH: Research commercial properties listed by the top commercial real estate agents in the state. Properties can be searched by site type, listing price, size, acreage, location and more. Plus, you can print details and reports for each property.
  • REPORTS: Quickly create custom, address-specific reports that cover 36 vital statistical areas, such as market demographics, traffic patterns and business mix. All data is compiled and updated by Esri, the world leader in GIS software.
  • LAYERS: Easily overlay a combination of important siting data — transportation, zoning, schools, tax credits and more — in a graphical format to reveal areas that meet your list of location criteria.

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