An Overview

Recognizing that 80 percent of economic growth typically comes from the expansion of existing local companies, the Partnership provides direct, individualized, prescriptive strategic planning consultation to local businesses through our Business Retention and Expansion program.

A core activity of the Partnership, BRE services range from brief telephone conversations with local businesses to multiyear client-consultant relationships. Regardless of the timeline, our goal is the same: to accelerate the success of Missoula’s entrepreneurs and established companies.

Missoula Economic Partnership pursues a range of strategies aimed at sustaining and enhancing local economic activity.


In our first year of operation, Missoula Economic Partnership conducted more than 75 BRE visits, exceeding our first-year goal by more than 50 percent. In the process, we provided more than 1,000 hours of free strategic planning assistance.


Oftentimes, our work consists of directing local businesses to one or more of our strategic partners in the community. These partner organizations offer a broad slate of programs that can help businesses retain or expand their workforce, train their employees in new business processes or software, and even connect with capital. Missoula Economic Partnership serves an important role as a master networker and knowledge base for these opportunities, helping companies focus quickly and efficiently on the programs that best fit their needs.

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