Capital is the lifeblood of companies, particularly young ones. The Missoula Economic Partnership is committed to helping startups secure the capital they need in order to seize the moment and achieve their true potentials. A central component of this effort is the MEP Angel Network.

MEP Angel Network is a group of local investors who aim to make meaningful capital investments of between $250,000 and $750,000 in early stage companies with ties to Missoula, Montana.


The first MEP Angel Network pitch session was held in April 2012. Of the four companies that participated, two have closed deals with investors and a third is in the due diligence process. The fourth was redirected to seek larger venture capital investment with the Partnership’s help. The growth potential of these companies over the next three years represents more than 100 new jobs. It is possible that these companies could attract millions of dollars of additional investment to our community as they grow.

To be eligible, you must:

  • Be in the startup, early stage or stage two phase of development.
  • Complete the required paperwork for the screening process through Missoula Economic Partnership.
  • Complete the required screening by MEP Angel Network’s Entrepreneur Committee.

Companies selected to present to investors must:

  • Upon selection pay a fee of $250 to help cover associated costs.
  • Participate in a two-hour presentation coaching session with the Entrepreneur Committee.
  • Deliver a presentation as specified in the MEP Angel Network application kit on the scheduled day.
  • Be prepared for investors to collectively or individually conduct due diligence on finance, operations, market potential and more.
  • Be ready to conduct negotiations on the requested amount and to provide an accounting for how that money will be used by the company.

MEP Angel Network schedules company presentations up to two times a year. You’ll be informed of dates and times as you continue through the screening process.

Please keep in mind, MEP Angel Network does not invest as an entity. Investors make all investment decisions individually, and interest from investors following presentations is no guarantee of funding.

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