Hellgate Venture Network

Hellgate Venture Network facilitates networking — both online and offline — among entrepreneurs and advisers engaged in building growth businesses in Missoula and the surrounding Western Montana area.

HVN is collaborating with the Missoula Economic Partnership and The University of Montana Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program to develop an Innovation Initiative that provides physical and online environments for innovators and entrepreneurs in Missoula.

HVN meets monthly in Missoula for brief member presentations followed by networking.

Dawn McGee

For further details, please contact HVN co-founders Dawn McGee or Paul Gladen, or join the HVN LinkedIn group.

Paul Gladen

Dawn McGee is CEO of Goodworks Ventures, a Montana-based venture fund that invests in companies with high-impact solutions to challenging problems. Considering loans, equity or hybrid instruments, the fund invests in early- and mid-stage companies that show promise in their technology, scalability and management. Paul Gladen, is president of Muzeview Research, a management consulting firm focused on professional services firms — working to identify and target the key business issues that drive the client’s needs.

Contact Information

For further information, please contact HVN co-founders Dawn McGee or Paul Gladen.
You can reach Paul Gladen by phone at 212.665.0797 office or 406.396.3534. Or, by email.
You can reach Dawn McGee by phone at 406.726.2030 or by email.

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