The Montana
Manufacturing Extension Center

The Montana Manufacturing Extension Center provides technical, business management, growth services and engineering assistance statewide to small and mid-sized manufacturers. Its mission is to help manufacturers be successful via direct, unbiased engineering and managerial help.

MMEC’s engineer field consultants are expert in:

  • Solving problems on the manufacturing floor.
  • Designing effective plant layouts.
  • Quality assurance and ISO9000/2000 standards, which can be critical when exporting.
  • Lean manufacturing techniques.
  • Setting up costing / financial models for managers.
  • Practical day-to-day help for current operations and future strategies.

MMEC is a statewide outreach center at the Montana State University College of Engineering, in Bozeman, with field offices in five Montana cities. Missoula-area business advisor Mike Manhardt is based at The University of Montana.

The center is an affiliate of the NIST Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership, a nationwide resource for improving the productivity, economic competitiveness and technological capabilities of America’s manufacturers.

In addition to its company-specific services, the center manages Compete Smart, a biennial conference just for manufacturing peers and allies. The conference programs include results-driven trainings, seminars, resources and networking opportunities.

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Contact Missoula business advisor Shane Cantrell by email.
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MMEC’s Missoula office is located on the UM campus.

Missoula Economic Partnership | 2501 Catlin Street Suite 205 Missoula, Montana 59801 | P: 406.541.6461 | F: 406.541.6464