The Montana Associated Technology Roundtables

Montana Associated Technology Roundtables knows that creative entrepreneurial climates and successful companies develop and grow through active networking. Launched on that basis, MATR promotes connection and sharing of information among entrepreneurs, investors and businesspeople throughout Montana — and among those around the world who are interested in Montana business. MATR has also helped create local roundtables throughout the state: informal networking groups of entrepreneurs, business professionals, educators, government officials, retirees and students in area — really anyone interested in seeing an improved economy.

In addition, a major focus of Montana Associated Technology Roundtables is promoting connection and networking via its continually updated and all-encompassing website. It offers a wealth of information (current and archival) that is easily sorted by topic, company and state. (In addition to Montana, MATR’s resources follow the Inland Northwest.) The free website — which receives an average of 1 million hits a month and from more than 100 countries — invites posts, comments and the conversations of information sharing. The MATR site also encourages posting of job openings and resumes. And, MATR publishes a free newsletter every Tuesday and Friday.

While MATR has “technology” in its name, it believes that any successful economy must capitalize on all categories of companies that can contribute to a vibrant community. This includes traditional, natural resource, agriculture, service and manufacturing companies as well as those classified as “new economy.”

And, while “Montana” is in the name, MATR focuses on economic activity throughout the Northwest and inland to the Dakotas.

Entrepreneurs and small-business owners often need hands-on coaching about how to run and grow a business. They need to talk with others in the business community about their experiences, share war stories and learn about resources. A common goal is to not have to reinvent the wheel every time a new business idea is born. Hence, MATR’s work.

MATR welcomes articles, events, job openings, resumes, comments and company listings from registered members (registration is free). MATR is supported solely by the companies and organizations that advertise on the site.

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