Located on the south end of downtown, the Missoula Job Service offers a growing menu of programs and services to support employers, employees and job seekers. From information resource to hands-on help, the Missoula Job Service works with all levels of employment — entry level to senior staff.

All of the services are provided free of charge. Missoula Job Service is part of the Workforce Services Division of the Montana Department of Labor & Industry.

Specifically for the employer, Missoula Job Service offers human resources services designed to enhance workforce effectiveness. Its expertise, recruitment and selection services, comprehensive applicant testing capabilities, and the availability of “neutral-zone” interviewing facilities together offer the tools that help attract and retain a superior workforce. In addition to providing meeting and interviewing space, the Job Service also offers out-of-town relocating firms on-target knowledge and understanding of the local workforce and its capabilities, as well as of the community overall.

The Missoula Job Service’s staff of professional business consultants work with local employers on a variety of topics, including:

  • Developing job descriptions.
  • Employee recruitment.
  • Performance appraisals.
  • Interviewing and hiring.
  • Labor law information and posters.
  • Personnel policies.
  • Wage and hour reference guides.
  • Employee handbooks.
  • Human resources assistance.

The Missoula Job Service administers On the Job Training opportunities, which were created to encourage employers to hire unemployed and laid-off workers and to help businesses with the costs of training new employees. OJTs match employers with eligible workers, allowing businesses to train new employees while receiving a partial reimbursement of wages during the training period.

In addition, Missoula Job Service offers training assistance to eligible individuals who have experienced a lay off or are working but not earning a sustainable wage. The goal of these programs is that unemployed and underemployed individuals return to the workforce as quickly as possible. If unable to find work, these workers can be retrained with skills that are in demand by Montana’s employers, helping the state economy grow.

Helping both the employer and the potential employee, recruitment services are active in several forms. The Job Service maintains up-to-date databases of both job openings (with postings on its job board, website and social media outlets) and job-seeker resumes. And it manages a full calendar of general and customized job fairs.

The Job Service also provides a self-service area where job seekers can access phones, a fax machine, a copier and computers. Computers are equipped with Internet access, Microsoft Word software, resume writing software and online unemployment claim filing. In addition to its self-service resources, the Job Service offers skills testing and workshops on job applications, job interviews and resume writing.

As part of its active connection to the economic health of the greater Missoula area, in 1987 the Job Service partnered with local private businesses to form the Job Service Employers’ Council. JSEC sponsors low-cost educational seminars, awards continuing education scholarships to high school seniors and recognizes local exemplary businesses. JSEC also serves as an advisory council to help the Missoula Job Service better understand the needs of Missoula’s business community.

Since 2009 the Job Service has been actively involved in the Montana BEAR (Business Expansion & Retention) project. In 2011 the Job Service joined forces with the Missoula Economic Partnership and its Missoula Business Retention and Expansion program. Through partnerships with business providers, BEAR & BRE connect Missoula-area companies to programs and resources, including:

  • Financing programs.
  • Facility location & expansion.
  • Regulatory assistance.
  • Business assessment tools.
  • Technology resources.
  • Marketing assistance.
  • Export/Import assistance.
  • Community demographics.
  • Education & training programs.
  • Government contracting assistance.


  • As of March 2012, Job Service has a database of more than 14,000 people of all skill levels in the Missoula area registered in active job search status.
  • In 2011, Job Service posted 3,478 job orders for employers and provided more than 80,000 services to job seekers in Missoula. In the past 18 months the Missoula Job Service has created and managed 20 On the Job Training contracts worth $196,968 to local employers.

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The office is located on the south end of downtown at 539 S. Third Street West.

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