Under the auspices of the Missoula Downtown Association, the Downtown Business Improvement District of Missoula was created in 2005 to fund and manage a variety of ongoing efforts to improve Missoula’s business center. Downtown BID efforts focus specifically on enhancing streetscapes, conducting maintenance, and improving security and safety for the Downtown Business District. The Downtown BID — funded through an assessment of the property owners (ratepayers) in the district — in 2010 was renewed for an additional 10 years. As of first quarter 2012 there are more than 542 property parcels within the BID boundary.

Rod Austin joined BID staff in May 2008 as its first director of operations. He is responsible for program development and management for the Downtown BID and he played an integral role in the implementation of the recently completed Downtown Master Plan. In addition to Rod and two staff members, the BID is led by a seven-member board of trustees.


  • Missoula Downtown Association and the Downtown BID in 2009 spearheaded the development of a first-ever Downtown Master Plan to lay the foundation for improvements and economic development in Missoula’s urban core. The plan outlines the 25-year future for downtown Missoula in the areas of land use and circulation, business development, infrastructure, employment, housing, parking, tourism and more.
  • With the master plan approved, in 2010 MDA and Downtown BID — partnering with the Missoula Redevelopment Agency and the Missoula Parking Commission — created the Missoula Downtown Foundation, a 501(c)(3), to support implementation of the master plan through revenue generation and diversification via grants and planned gifts.
  • Safety & Security
    Downtown Ambassador Program:

    • Greet downtown visitors with Mobile Information Kiosk.
    • Track & report all graffiti to Missoula Police Department.
    • Be available to all business & property owners to help with transients, track bikes on sidewalks, manage bill/flyer postings, etc.
    • Manage “Real Change Not Spare Change” program on the street.
    • Advocate at Missoula City Hall for improved ordinances.
  • Common Area MaintenanceContract with local nonprofit Opportunity Resources Inc. for Clean Team services:
    • Clean sidewalks, curbs and tree grates.
    • De-ice all ADA sidewalk ramps in winter.

    Downtown maintenance including:

    • Downtown garbage pickup.
    • Graffiti removal.
    • Plow alleys in winter.
    • Contract with businesses for snow removal, sidewalk & building cleaning, graffiti removal.
  • Leverage Public & Private Investment & ImprovementCreation of Downtown Master Plan:
    • Acquired $1.25 million in ARRA funds for North Higgins Avenue projects.
    • Continuing work to keep Government Services offices located downtown.

    Partnering with Parks & Rec to fill vacant tree wells.

    Advocate at Missoula City Hall for transportation improvements.

    Advocate for city ordinances to improve safety & security.

  • Expand, Maintain & Improve Streetscapes
    • Added 20-plus new garbage cans on streets.
    • Purchased 32 new holiday decorations & partnered with MDA to revitalize 110 older decorations.
    • Added six new sidewalk benches.
    • Partnered to increase available bike parking.
  • Marketing
    • Partner in creating and maintaining an ongoing downtown marketing campaign.
    • Partner on Wayfinding signage.
  • Economic Development
    • Developed a complete Downtown Building & Business Inventory database.
    • Active work to bring employers & retail shops downtown; “available property” listings on website.

Contact Information

Please call Rod Austin, director of operations, at 406.728.1140

The main office phone is 406.543.4238.

Find the Downtown BID online at www.missouladowntownbid.org and on the Missoula Downtown Association site at http://www.missouladowntown.com/about/downtown-business-improvement-district/.

The office is located within the Missoula Downtown Association offices at 218 East Main Street, Suite C.

Missoula Economic Partnership | 500 N. Higgins Ave. | Suite 300 | Missoula, Montana 59802 | P: 406.541.6461 | F: 406.541.6464