The Downtown Business Improvement District of Missoula was created in 2005 to fund and manage a variety of ongoing efforts to improve Missoula’s city center. Funded through annual assessments on 650 parcels in Downtown, the BID focuses on common area maintenance, safety and security, and business development in the district. The Downtown BID provides services above and beyond general municipal services.

The BID was renewed in 2009 and again in 2019. Led by a board of directors of seven property owners, appointed by the mayor and approved by the city council, the BID lives at the Downtown Missoula Partnership office, alongside the Missoula Downtown Association and the Missoula Downtown Foundation.

The BID led the effort to update the Downtown Master Plan in 2019, resulting in near-unanimous support for the community’s vision. The new Downtown Master Plan can be found online at:


With leadership provided by the Downtown BID and its partners, the 2009 Downtown Master Plan helped direct nearly $850 million dollars of investment in Downtown Missoula. After nearly 70% of the original plan was completed, the 2019 Downtown Master Plan presents a new vision for Missoula.

The Downtown BID has several programs that benefit Downtown businesses and consumers:


Downtown Maintenance Team: The Downtown BID is responsible for removal of garbage and recycling from 110 street cans seven days a week. The Maintenance Team plows the alleys and the protected bike lanes, provide graffiti removal and hot water power washing services for a fee from spring through fall, and helps with maintenance and repairs of street décor.

Downtown Clean Team: The BID contract with local nonprofit Opportunity Resources to provide a team that sweeps the sidewalks and alleys, picks up garbage and cigarette butts, weeds the tree wells, chips ice off the ADA sidewalk ramps and spreads de-icer on the street corners.


Downtown Ambassadors: Providing hospitality services to the public, the Downtown Ambassadors provide information to the public, educate visitors on how to use the parking kiosks, report graffiti, remove handbills posted in the public right of way, and serve the needs of downtown business owners.

Dedicated Downtown Police Officer: In partnership with City Police, the Downtown BID employs a dedicated police officer who patrols Downtown Missoula year-round. The police officer ensures Downtown is a safe city center by aiding consumers, business owners, employees, and others through year-round patrol on foot or on bike.

Economic Vitality

With a focus on business retention and development, the BID employs a Business Development Director to provide information and assistance. With a focus on connecting businesses to places in Downtown, the BID provides a robust online overview of available properties and spaces in the city center. The BID works to implement the economic development initiatives of the Downtown Master Plan, track investment and business activity, retain current businesses and government services in downtown, and leverage new investment in Downtown.

Marketing & Attraction

The BID helps funds a comprehensive annual Marketing Campaign for Downtown and works to attract public improvements and private investment.

Some highlights of the BID’s advocacy work include:

  • Development of the Downtown Master Plan
  • Improvements to Parking and Transportation amenities
  • Expansion of Street Décor and Garbage Cans
  • Planning & Implementation of Wayfinding
  • Creation of the first-ever Downtown Building & Business Inventory

The Downtown BID is located at the Downtown Missoula Partnership Office at 218 East Main Street, alongside the Missoula Downtown Association and the Missoula Downtown Foundation.

Contact Information

Information about the Downtown Missoula Partnership and the BID can be found online at

Please call 406.543.4238 or email

Missoula Economic Partnership | 500 N. Higgins Ave. | Suite 300 | Missoula, Montana 59802 | P: 406.541.6461 | F: 406.541.6464