Our investors recognize that a stronger, more diverse local economy directly serves their best interests, bringing new opportunities, clients and talent to the area.

Investor/members make multiyear investments that are appropriate to the size of their companies and organizations, so there is a range of opportunities.

Regardless of the investment made, all investors have the same rights and privileges. Investors are kept in the loop on economic development news and issues through monthly email updates, periodic meetings, and are often among the first to learn of new programs and opportunities. Investors are invited to attend update breakfasts and the annual meetings to conduct member business. Investors are also encouraged to serve on working committees created by the board of directors and to serve as members of the board itself. In addition, investors vote for the election of board members, annually.

We are incorporated as a 501(c)(6), a private, nonprofit public benefit corporation.

You can learn more about becoming an investor by contacting us at 406.541.6461.

Missoula Economic Partnership | 500 N. Higgins Ave. | Suite 300 | Missoula, Montana 59802 | P: 406.541.6461 | F: 406.541.6464