Many people dream of building a successful business in our thriving mountain community. Missoula Economic Partnership helps turn those dreams into reality by connecting businesses with the programs, resources and people that can accelerate their success.

Our savvy, connected staff serves a central role in a broad, collaborative effort involving 80 business, individual and government investors as well as more than 30 strategic partners, all of whom share our vision of a vibrant, growing and diversified regional economy.


The Missoula Economic Partnership expands prosperity and improves quality of life by engaging in strategic business development, creating pathways for people to realize their potential, and fostering our culture of diversity and innovation.


The Missoula Economic Partnership officially launched in June 2011; but our roots go deeper than that.

In early 2010 Missoula Mayor John Engen announced the Best Place Project, an initiative to expand existing businesses and help draw new companies to Missoula. “I can’t tell you that economic development is someone else’s job anymore,” Engen said in a speech announcing the project. “It’s mine. It’s yours. And it’s ours. I’m going to need your help.”

The mayor’s call was taken up by a broad coalition of local business leaders, who spent months developing strategies, commissioning studies and hosting vision sessions. Out of that effort grew the Missoula Economic Partnership, a privately led, nonprofit public benefit corporation.

To launch the Partnership, our campaign co-chairs and board raised $3.2 million in pledged investment. The majority of the Partnership’s budget comes from our private sector investor/members with the balance coming from the city, county, The University of Montana and Missoula International Airport.

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