2018 Competitive Realities Report

A Competitive Realities Report and Target Industry Strategy for Missoula, Montana

The Missoula Economic Partnership (MEP), is pleased to release Garner Economics LLC’s “A Competitive Realities Report and Target Industry Strategy for Missoula, Montana.” The report, commissioned by MEP and other community partners, provides an update to Missoula’s economic development strategy as a catalyst and tool to spur conversations with key community partners so that MEP can better leverage shared resources and more effectively collaborate.

MEP Board Secretary and Missoula County Commissioner Jean Curtiss stated, “Missoula County agrees with the Garner Report’s conclusion -to remain competitive in economic development will require a focus on being more deliberate in how we communicate, collaborate and coordinate our efforts. We look forward to working with our community partners to identify the best way to do this work.”

MEP Board Member and City of Missoula Mayor John Engen added, “This report is a valuable tool for the community as we consider the future of economic development for Missoula. I look forward as a Missoula Economic Partnership board member and as mayor to working with stakeholders to implement recommendations at a pace and scope that make sense for the organizations who work every day to make lives better for our friends and neighbors. We have opportunity aplenty and don’t want to waste it. It’s time for us to work together strategically and thoughtfully to put the report’s recommendations to work.”

Key recommendations in the report include a change in Missoula’s target industry strategy to focus on the experiential economy, a renewed focus on workforce development, critical infrastructure, and real estate, and an emphasis on better collaboration with a recommendation to co-locate economic development and business assistance organizations to more effectively leverage resources and avoid duplicative efforts. Said MEP Board Chair Scott Burke, “The Partnership looks to our community partners for dialogue, feedback, and collaboration in the coming months as we work together to address and implement these recommendations.”

View the full report here.

June 22, 2018 |

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